March 28, 2013
What’s In A Name

Tiger! Tiger! as a band has been around since 2008 and Tiger! Tiger! as an idea has been around even longer than that. I’d like to say that there is some deep meaning behind calling this project by that name, but really it just came from flipping through books in my high school’s library to try to find a cool band name. Somehow my hands found The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling and opened up to the short story entitled “Tiger! Tiger!”. I thought to myself, “Hey, that seems pretty cool. Maybe I’ll name a band that some day.” Flash forward a few years and that band finally came to fruition as I found myself writing songs that I thought we worthy of showing the world. I was 19 years old and had a few ideas about being in a band, but no idea how to start one or let alone get one off the ground and running. Remembering back to that day in high school, I decided to name the band Tiger! Tiger! without putting any more thought into it. I was young and naive. I had no idea anyone would even care about these songs that I was writing.

Five-plus years later here I am writing about a name that suddenly carries some meaning. There are people across the country who know what Tiger! Tiger! is. No longer is it just a collection of songs that I’ve written. When we go to play shows in other states people come and sing along. They recognize our songs and enjoy watching Tiger! Tiger! play. It honestly blows my and all the rest of my bandmate’s minds that this happens. We understand that we’re not the biggest band around, but we know that there are plenty of people out there that love and care about Tiger! Tiger!. This makes the task ahead a bit harder but by no means impossible.
As of today we will no longer be going by the name Tiger! Tiger!. On top of finding it unrepresentative of the music that we are making, it was getting more and more annoying and difficult to have to compete with the bar, nightclub, William Blake poem, and of course the other bands known as Tiger! Tiger! (there were also a few with different forms of punctuation). It’s not an ideal choice that we have had to make, but changing the name has been proposed 5-6 times in the span of Tiger! Tiger! being a band and 2-3 of those happened in the past year alone. So from this day forward the music that we make will be under a new moniker: Secret Grief.

So what does this actually mean? Well, we will still be the same band with the same members playing the same songs. So not a lot. It does mean that we need help getting the word out that we have changed our name. Our Tumblr, Twitter, and Instagram pages can easily be switched over, but we have to make a new Facebook page. Despite its many glaring flaws Facebook is often the easiest way to connect with our listeners. In addition, we want everyone who know and care about Tiger! Tiger! to know that we are going by a new name so they don’t miss a show if we come to their town. 
Now for some exciting news. Last November we released an EP called “Mutual Attraction//Opposite Direction” for free digital download on our Bandcamp page. The end goal then was to find a label to put the EP out on vinyl. Some wonderful chance encounters bring us to today where I get to tell you that “Mutual Attraction//Opposite Direction” if finally seeing a vinyl release as part of a split 12” LP via Soft Speak and Meadowbrook Records. Even cooler is the fact that the other side of the split is our friends in Runaway Brother’s EP “Bedhead”. Pre-Orders are going up today. There will be 100 copies on splatter vinyl as well as 150 on black. 100% of proceeds will be donated to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation in partnership with Music Gives Back.

As you can tell we have a lot going on today. Please, if you can, help spread the word. Thanks for sticking with us through all of these changes. RIP Tiger! Tiger! 
- Scott and the rest of Secret Grief

PS - We will be going on tour May 16th-25th. Tour dates to be announced soon!

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    Our buddies in Tiger! Tiger! have changed their name to Secret Grief. Go check ‘em out under the new moniker!
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    Tiger! Tiger! is dead.
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    Our compatriots in Tiger! Tiger! changed their name to Secret Grief because they can’t not make literary references....
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    Great band full of great people. Very excited to be a small part of this.
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    I’m sort of sad but I was afraid Tiger! Tiger! Was breaking up Soooo yay
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